Monday, August 8, 2011

Daily Mate in 3 - 8/8/2011

In the last month I've done over 170 Mate in 3 problems which may not sound like a lot but, see how long it takes you do 170 without moving any pieces. Anyways, I think these "kinds" are my favorite. Check out my commentary after you solve the problem, but don't read ahead.

So what I meant by, "these are my favorite types" of Mate in 3 puzzles are the kinds that involve a double knight mate. Even though the solutions are often straight forward they are so counter-intuitive because, honestly, how many times have you mated with a two knight combination in a tournament game? Usually it's with a queen delivering mate or, if you're lucky, a rook and knight combination, but rarely two knights. So they are rare but cool.